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We would like to thank first of all Pam Hall at fond dobermanns and christina elliot in Scotland for their fantastic fundraising for Ronnie. Without their help this operation would never have been possible. Sincere thanks to the Derbyshire times, Chesterfield which has generated further funds for his ongoing care. The tumour and 7 smaller ones were removed on tuesday and hes making good progess, still a little wobbly but mobile! The good news dispite losing some of the artery the blood supply is now starting to function well and he does have feeling in his foot. We are looking for a forever home in the near future but not with other dogs, cats he loves!!!! He will make a lovely companion in the right home. Heartfelt thanks to all who have donated we will keep updating on here and put the final figures raised when we close the fund and a financial summary of his expenses. FROM RONNIE ,LOVE LICKS AND HUGS FROM, Jill, Holly, Angie, Sue, Jane and the team huge thanks xx


20150918 123559


20150918 123624


Well what can we say about dear old Ronnie!!from the above picture to the top pictures.Only 9 weeks on and look at his transformation.He has suffered terrible sickness problems and water infections for a number of weeks but both have settled down with medication which it seems may be ongoing,alas hes living life to the full most days down at the the charity shop where he has a massive fan club!!He has gained 12lbs in weight and has learnt how to get his own way too !Again we thank all concerned for donations which made it possible a massive £1,780 which covered the vet costs to date.Ronnie has stayed with us due to his age and condition as both his vet and ourselves thought he needed stability and to move him would have been to traumatic.Now on palliative care we hope he can spend many more days enjoying his new found freedom from the huge tumour which had inhibited him for so long.BIG xxs to you all from Ronald xx


 At last!!!!!!!!!!!! shes arrived, we are pleased to announce the arrival of the shona the romanian rescue!! 

After 6 long months and 4,000 miles she has now settled in with jill, david, mia and baby. Shonas plight was brought to the attention of pam hall at fond rescue (friends of northern dobermanns) in scotland by snoopy dog rescue who rescue romanian street dogs and bring them to England. Shona had been spotted by vet losim claudia who took her into his care, lame, emaciated and toothless with a tongue that hangs out. She was to be spayed and returned to the streets but her condition meant she would die from the harsh winter so he kindly kept her untill she could legally be transported. She fianally set off from romania for scotland aboard europet and 5 days later she reached the safety of pam. She has spent 3+ months with pam and john and has undergone xrays and odd teeth removal, for which NDAS donated £250 towards her care. Over the months she has blossomed and her 15kilo weight today is 23! She has also had one of the pins removed from her front leg but sadly the other one cannot be removed, alas this doesnt stop her continued passion for playing! The move from pam to us was not done without much thought and planning, our director holly 1st went to scotland to meet her in march, spending a week there and then a further week to bring her back here, so this is not just a "rescue". Shona will be in the shop with her new mum most days where she will be only to happy to meet new friends.


 MOSSOP HENRY WOODWARD (jowendys high occtane at darajils)

Our beloved dobermann mossop has died at the age of 14 years. He had suffered 2 strokes since november and had developed neurological problems which we now know where due to another underlying serious problem. This magnificent dog one of the finest examples of this breed was a wonderful show dog in his younger days, but he was 1st and foremost my "big bear" and would have given his life for us. A companion to our beloved harry, jade, tilly may and his beautiful daughter lily, timmy, all sadly passed away but together forever, it is the end of an era for us and we are heartbroken, but have the comfort from all friends who again, have sent flowers, cards and from julie and debbie, the lovely angels wings yankee candle and john and linda the beautiful yankee melts and lillies. Baby the cat and our young dobie mia are now adjusting to these losses. Our sincere thanks to carol craig mrcvs, chapel house vets for the wondeful way she delt with us that night and special thanks to victoria (pat and les grandaughter)at pets at rest, elmton for the care and compassion for mossop and to holly always there in times of need. May all of my kids run free together, i thank god we had the chance to be owned and loved by them all, R I P XX


Harry Edward Woodward

Its is with great sadness we announce that our beloved harry has passed away today wednesday 11th march. The shop mascot well known and loved by everybody who knew him this fabulous boy was 17 years old. He came to us to find a home at 10 weeks of age after being hung in a tree, but we could not let him go so he stayed with us. He was the most independent, strong, loyal, loving dog you could ever meet, not a bad bone in his body who had a massive "fan club"! He accepted all the animals who came to us and never battered an eyelid, he loved all the guinea pigs and rabbits and never once chased any of them, totally trustworthy and loyal. To this true prince and gentleman, we love you so very much and never will there be another. We are opening a memorial fund in his memory for lurcher rescue.  



Latest Projects January 2015

We are pleased to have donated six bales of hay to Bolsover Rabbit Rescue.

We have donated £20 to help a rescued horse and also £15 towards a coat for another rescued horse, we will in the future be supporting these horses on their road to recovery.

We donated a set of golf clubs, a push chair and a baby high chair to raise funds for the Friends of Akitas (UK) which we understand has raised the magnificant sum of £90. We do donate on a regular basis to Julie including items for their auction site to raise funds for their akitas.  

We paid for the transportation of two rabbits to their new home in the Derbyshire countryside in February.

We would like to thank Paul Guy of the Sign Guys Bolsover for the wonderful new signs he has made and fitted, donated to NDAS. Thank you from us all!

We would like to welcome new member of staff Jamie to our team. 

Many thanks to all of our supporters who continue to donate furniture and items, the relevant recipients are so grateful for the continued supply of items for their sales.


!The Romanian rescue!

We are delighted at last to announce the arrival of shona the dobermann all the way from romania!!

 Shonas plight was brought to our attention in December 2014 by Pam Hall at fond dobermanns (friends of northern dobermanns) Scotland, a wonderful woman who works non stop with the rescue, re-hab and homing of dobermanns in need. Shona was a street dog in Romania and was taken into the vets to be spayed and then to be returned back to the streets, but when it turned out she in fact had no teeth and her tongue hung out to return her into the harsh winter over there she would have died an agonising death. Then it was discovered she has a pin in her front leg possibly due to being hit by a vehicle (not sure on this). Really bad front feet and emaciated this poor girl had very little hope. So we offered to pay for her journey here but a very kind gentleman paid for her trip on Europet Xpress and she set off on this massive journey 27th jan and finally arrived in Scotland on saturday the 31st. Having travelled some 3.700 miles!! She is a small friendly bitch who loves to play ball, but at the moment she is quite stiff possibly from the journey, but does have deformed front legs. Pam will have her seen by thier vet to assess her condition and what treament will be required. Whilst we and fond dont normally do a rescue of this nature we could not ignore the plight of this girl so therefore we have offered to sponsor her with whatever she needs with the first donation sent. We will continue to support her hopefully saving fonds funds for thier normal rescues. It is hoped when Shonas has had some weeks rest her final home will be in place so watch this space!!!!!!!!!! We would like to thank all involved with her rescue and to pam and associates for giving her a "haven" to recover good luck shona we cant wait to see you!!

lomin the vet saying goodbye to shona in romania. shona leaving europet xpress at hamilton,shona finally at pams.



The new year has seen us off to a busy start with a donation totalling £250 for vetinary fees for Shona the Romanian Doberman who is awaiting x-rays etc on March 12th when her full condition will be assessed. She has settled in very well with Pam and the dogs up at Fond in Scotland, but does appear to have a few physical problems which hopefully will be diagnosed after these x-rays. We would like to thank all our friends who have kindly donated up to Fond, we will keep you informed of Shona's progress. 

 Shona - bed     

July 7th

We are pleased to announce we are once again hosting the pdsa day in conjunction with bolsover district council to include free microchipping.As from 2016 ALL dogs will be required by law to be chipped ,so take advantage of this opportunity to get yours LEGAL !


We are donating items to the blind dog rescue UK for foundrasing for their wonderful work with dogs which are blind or partially sighted. A monthly donation is being given to their Guardian Angels scheme. We look forward to giving support to this charity.







It is with great sadness, douglas one of our oldie guinea pigs has died. Dispite wonderful care from mark thirkell mrcvs, and carol craig mrcvs of chapel house vets to whom we thank. Good news that mossop jills dobie has made a full recovery again many thanks to carol for saving his life. We have offered to sponsor shona the doberman who is coming over from russia, shona is a street dog who sadly has no teeth and her tongue hangs out, she would have died on the streets if fond had not offered to take her in we understand donations have been already made for her keep when she arrives next week but we will keep to our offer of help.



We would like to thank everybody for joining us on Saturday. Sincere thanks to all our helpers. Despite atrocious weather we had a great day and presented Pollyanna with £1000, the weekend raised £450 well done everyone.

 Jill would like to thanks everyone for the messages and phone calls following her doberman, mossop, suffering a stroke. we are pleased to tell you he is now well on the way to recovery and doing very well still a way to go but fingers crossed.

We are pleased to have helped max into rescue for which we have paid kennle fees, hopefully we will find his forever home very soon, meanwhile he is with debbie at home. 

It was lovely to see stella the springer on saturday what a lovely girl she is, one of the most rewarding "missions" we have been involved in.

We have recentley paid for a course of innoculations for a rescued bitch, aged 9yrs a new home is waiting after she has had a operation to remove a growth for which we will continue. 


We are now pleased to announce that we will be donating various items to the wish list at the born free foundation. items such as binoculars, some camping items, certain items of clothing, etc for use of various projects. we will have photos of items and what they are being used for in the near future. 2015 will see us supporting pollyannas moon bear appeal with special events to be announced in the new year. pollyanna plans to raise £8000 for this pioneering project so we would welcome as many items especially funiture as possible to help contribute to this massive operation. if anyone would like to donate directly to pollyanna please visit her website.

Born Free Foundation

We were pleased to attend the Born Free Foundation, Anniversary event at our patrons home Pollyanna and Anna Louise Pickering in Matlock on Sunday 13th July.  It was a wonderful day and a great pleasure to meet Virginia McKenna, OBE, Jill, Sue, Linda and Chris enjoyed refreshments in the lovely garden and met some new friends!  Fund raising for the Moonbears upkeep will commence in the very near future and Alex, our youngest helper will be holding a tabletop sale at the shop on Saturday 19th July 11am -2pm.  To raise funds for the Born Free Foundation.


PDSA and Microchipping

PDSA and microchipping day 20th May. What a great day!!!!! We were overwhelmed by the constant stream of various dogs throughout the day. All shapes and sizes, small ones, large ones, babies and Archie the 3 legged bedlington! 

All well behaved, microchipped and health checked for free. The clinic was fully booked untill closing with many unable to get an appointment. Sadly time just couldnt accommodate the large quantity attending. Free goodie bags for every dog were paid for by us with some items supplied by wagg, purina, hills science diet and bob martins. We also supplied refreshments to all staff and helpers, a long day but well worth the effort. Council officials inc cllr walker and our patrons Pollyannna and Anna louise Pickering enjoyed a tour of the PDSA's new mobile unit and bolsover dog wardens microchipping tent! Ken was the lucky winner of the free draw food hamper. We are offering to pay for and host next years event!!!!! 

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